Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Emotional Eating

One of the biggest issues with dieting is this emotional eating. With the increasing competition and complexity of the world, people are becoming so busy and their daily schedules are becoming more unpredictable. Most of us sometimes don’t exactly know when we will have our next meal. In this context we eat something when we feel stressed, angry, anxious or nervous even though you are not really hungry.

How to Stop Emotional Eating

1. Eat when you are Hungry

Just because you are craving to eat something that does not mean you are hungry. Hunger means you feel it in your stomach and even feel like lack of energy and difficulty to carryon with the normal work undisturbed. It is very important to understand the difference of these two.

2. Keep an eye on What you eat

Always try to eat a well balanced meal which will provide you with you daily nutritional needs and keeps you healthy. It is OK to have junk food once in a while like chips, burgers etc but you need to always be careful about being healthy. So always be mindful on what you eat.

3. Learn from the mistakes

Just the old school ways. Always learn from your past mistakes where you have made the mistakes of emotional eating. Today you might do the mistake of emotional eating due to some mistake happened. Identify the reason and try to avoid it in the future. Forget it and from the next day onwards don’t repeat the same again.

4. Planning the Time

It is observed that when you don’t have anything properly planned and structured ( like in week ends) the emotional eating is high. So to get rid of that, plan your free time. Use that time on some kind of a productive project or work. Pre plan and set deadlines to motivate  yourself so that you will be busy. What ever you do should be something that you are interested in so that you will not get any urge for eating.

5. Set Realistic Weight Goals

If you are planning to loose weight , then set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t set unrealistic targets like to loose 5 kgs in a weeks time etc. What will happen is once you fail to achieve the target you will tend to eat for shame, stress, disappointment and guilt. These kinds of unrealistic goals can also be harmful to your health as well. So be mindful.

6 Simple Steps to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Main reason to gain weight around your belly is due to your cortisol levels. Once your cortisol levels are high ( due to stress etc..) this will disturbe the effective process of calorie burning and will hold on to storage of fat around your belly. Now if you are very stressed about your diet think about it. Because that stress might even trigger this cortisol and will sometimes give you lesser resuls than expected from your diets.

Control Sugar Input

This is the real challenge guys. Controlling your diet plays a vital role in reducing your fat belly. So what you can do is when you instead of having sugar filled diet try to take more proteins, fiber , vegetables etc.. So slowly but surely you need to replace your bad food with good food.


Do some exercises to have better results. Not only crunches. Yes crunchers will help to have a strong abdominal muscle but try to go for exercises which can benefit multiple muscles. It is better if you can go to a trained person and obtain their expert instruction if possible. Walks and jogs also will help you.

Fat Against Fat

Not all fat is bad. There is good fat. Sugar is the culprit who got you fat. But now it is your time to let fat to help you get rid of being fat. It is simple. Take foods which contains a lot of good fat because you need fat to burn fat. Foods like flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, shrimp etc . which are rich in omega 3.

Vitamin C

You might be wondering that how come vitamin C is related here because we are talking about belly fat and not cold. Also you will think of orange, lime etc..  When I say vitamin C. This is the thing. Vitamin C can help you in the process of converting the fat in to energy process and can control the level of cortisol created or increased due to stress. Remember not only orange and lime but Papaya, pineapple, bell pepper etc are also rich sources of Vitamin C.

Sleep Enough

If you don’t have a proper sleep you will be stressed out easily which will trigger the said cortisol levels and will have an adverse effect on your fat belly. Also if you are sleep deprived you tend to eat more. Have you noticed that you tend to eat a lot after a sleep deprived night? Yes that is because it triggers something called ghrelin and you will crave more for sweets and other fatty food. So have a proper 7 hours sleep.

Slow Breathing

Yes you heard me right. Don’t be surprised. It will give you magical results. Try to identify your breathing pattern and then relax and try to slow down breathing. Rather than focusing on your inhale it is easy to focus on slowdown on you exhaling part. Do it and see.

6 tips to Fast track the weight loss

1. Drink Tea

You don’t feel like drinking water unless you are thirsty and also you will have no fun in drinking hot water all the time but when it comes to tea you can just have a sip of it all through out. Also it is better if you can go for green tea as it has some other health benefits as well. The antioxidants in green tea will help you to loose weight.

2. Small Snacks

While you are having a control over the amount of input you take on your main meals it is always good to have small healthy snacks in between when you are hungry to control your hunger and extend the time between the meals. Extending the time between the meals is a commonly used trick to loose weight. But to do so you should not risk your health by staying hungry. Therefore you need to have a healthy and small snack like bran crackers , almonds, apple, low fat cheese etc.. to eat as and when you feel hungry.

3. More Strength Training

While aerobics burns up your calories the strength training will help your mussel mass to be increased and thereby the metabolism will be increased over a period of time.

4. Control Emotional Eating

This is another side effect commonly seen due to multi tasking. When you are engaged in multi tasking you are not fully concentrating on one thing this will make you unconsciously eat whatever the food or the snack on your table without you even noticing it. Also this will make you feel stressed and can lead to what is called emotional eating. Hence always try to focus on one given thing at a time and it will also help you to have a control over your eating and help you loose weight.

5. Eat before Meals

Eating a high fibre snack before about half an hour to your meal can reduce your amount of calorie intake. Taking a spicy appetiser can make you eat less and even the researches have found out that eating a soup or something like that can make you eat lesser. What happens here is when you eat something slowly ( like a soup or so) the  stomach and brain feels some kind of a fullness and it will make you eat lesser.

6. Sleep

Sleeping is very important as this will speed up the metabolism and it also will control the hormones which will have a direct effect on our appetite as well. When you are asleep you will have less appetite. But d have you noticed that you eat more or rather an increased appetite when you are sleep deprived?. That’s it. You need your 8 hours sleep.  Proper sleep will also give you other health benefits as well other than these which are concerned with your weight.